Who are ?

We are a Beijing based company which provides languages services and assistance
We are a team of highly qualified professionals from diferents countries (China, Cameroon, France, US Canada, Spain, Germany Russia, Egypt …) working everyday to bring you the best of the service you need.
We are always ready to assist you 7 days and 24 hours wherever you are and go, we accompany you and bring you

Why this Company?

For the past 30 years, due to China opening policy and economic growth, many foreigners from all over the world are coming to China for different reasons (studies, visit, business…) According to official figures, there are more than 2 millions foreigners entering China every year. Most are in Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou.But given the language and cultural differences, the majority are still facing communication problems.

First Steps in China ?

For anyone who is coming to China for the first time and does not know how to speak chinese, it is always difficult to ask the way or to communicate with people. In order to solve this problem, upon your arrival in China, one of our agents will pick you from the airport or the train station and will carefully take you to your hotel room or house
This service includes:
1 Booking a hotel room for you
2 Calling a taxi for you
3 Introducing the city to you (Beijing,Shanghai Guangzhou, Shenzhen…)

Our targets

Any foreigner who is coming to China
Any Chinese who is going abroad
Any Foreigner who needs language or business- related services
Any Chinese who needs short but intensive training in any language
Any Foreigner who needs training in Chinese

You are new or coming to China for the first time and can’t speak Chinese,
You are a business person coming to buy goods in China but don’t know where to go,
You are an Entrepeneur coming to seek business opportunities in China but don’t know how to find the right patner,
You are a student coming to study in China but don’t know your school and how to enroll,
You are sick and want to go to the hospital but can’t speak any chinese,
You are a tourist coming to visit China and needs someone who can speak your own language, assist you and help you during the whole time you will spend in China,
You need somebody who can pick a guest for you from the airport or the train station
You want to renew your visa but can’t express yourself in Chinese,
You have a sudden problem with the police in China and need someone to translate for you,
You have translated any kind of document but are still not sure of its quality,
You need someone to interpret for you during a business negociation or a contract signing,
You need language assitance any where within China or outside China,

Meet the Team

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Hermann Feuba

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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